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5 Best Places to Add Your Bookshelf and Increase Your Home’s Value

Customized Bookcase Closets by Colorado Closets and Blinds

Struggling to figure out how to fit a bookshelf into your living space? Looking for the best part of your home to put your bookcase?

A shelf can throw off the balance of your space if you put it in the wrong place. The best bookcase fits in the right position in the room to create a sense of balance and fits your overall aesthetic.

Let’s go over the best places to build in your bookshelf including some ideas that you did not think of before.


1. Around a Window

Built-in bookshelves can act as a frame for a spectacular view of your area. Make your space sweeter with family memorabilia and favorite souvenirs from your travels.


2. Either Side of a Fireplace

What makes the experience of reading next to a fireplace better? Adding built-in bookshelves on either side of your fireplace. This look transforms your cozy space into the perfect literary oasis.


3. As a Room Divider


Bookshelves are the ideal way of breaking up space. Open-back bookshelves would let more light into your space, while those with drawers or doors can help you organize your books and other things.


4. Above Your Bed as a Headboard

Use bookshelves to show off books on top of your bed and add more visual interest to your bedroom. They also make a great surface to install lowlights or reading light.


5. Display Books and Art Pieces

If you have a built-in bookshelf and are not sure how to decorate it, there are some simple ideas for arranging your books. You can arrange your books vertically like in a library, or you can horizontally stack them.

You can organize books in a fun rainbow pattern, group books in similar colors, or go with neutrals. Search for antique encyclopedias, reference books, or sets of luxurious leather-bound books to add more charm. Experiment with a few options to see what suits best in your room.

 Built-in bookcases are not only for decoration and storage but for helping increase your home’s value. The placement, quality of materials, craftsmanship, and flexibility of the bookcase are important if you want to sell your property later on.

You can place them wherever they liven up a room and make it more visually pleasing with a bit of preparation and guidance from the experts at Closets by Design in Denver. The right placement can make your home life (and a future homeowner’s life) much easier.

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