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Building a New Home? 4 Tips for a Beautiful Walk-In Custom Closet (And 1 Tip to Avoid)

Many newly built homes you see on TV and social media have beautiful bedrooms and shiny kitchen counters. But one keyspace is often missing, yet has likely the most impact on your lifestyle: the custom closet.

If you are building out your home, custom closets may sound easy to plan and create, but it can take time to get the perfect room. Get started planning your dream custom walk-in closet by following these tips.

1. Think about why you want to build your walk-in closet

What are your reasons to create a custom walk-in closet? If you have a young family and need more space for your children’s clothes and toys, closets are a good place to start. If your children are older and don’t need as many things as before, you can finally create the closet you’ve always wanted.

2. Also, figure out how often you use your walk-in closet

Consider how often you will be in your closet and the number of things you have. You likely use your bedroom closets 2 times a day: to get ready for the day and to dress down for bedtime. A good custom closet designer can look at your clothes, accessories, and more to plan.

3. Plan your walk-in closet accordingly

The last feeling you want while building your house is stressful. Your things will be arranged and accessible through an effective bedroom closet with double hanging space, drawers, lighting, and shelving for shoes. A closet is the one place where you feel less anxious with everything in place.

4. Think about including electricity in your walk-in closet

A custom closet designer will help prepare your walk-in closet with lighting, ventilation, and access panels. They can plan minor details such as where light switches and vents will go. HVAC vents and returns can be positioned strategically throughout the house so that they do not interfere with the closet design.

Working with a custom closet designer will help make sure you have outlets where you need them, so you can save on rewiring costs.

5. Don’t add a window in your walk-in closet if possible

To optimize storage space, do not have windows at all. A window will take up precious space in your walk-in closet and even ruin your clothing. If it is inevitable to have a window in your walk-in closet, you may put UV film on the window to protect the clothes from fading.

Call us today to schedule a free custom walk-in closet today. A custom walk-in closet can be designed down to your goals, your budget, and what’s important to you.

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