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Media Room


Tv Cabinets – Entertainment Cabinets – Built in Entertainment Centers

Create a custom designed room where your entire family can gather around and watch movies, sports or home videos. Built in entertainment centers, TV cabinets, entertainment cabinets and shelves can frame your television and create the perfect space that you need for storage of videos, games, consoles and memorabilia.

Our Process


We come to you for a free in-home or virtual consultation where we measure, listen to your ideas, understand your needs and start to design ways to frame your television or movie screen with storage shelves or cabinets. Our goal is to understand your needs, maximize space & design it to your exact specifications and  standards while we create a space for everything.


The design process starts right in front of your eyes. We use our 3-D software to create a virtual model of your new entertainment system or media room. Together we can make changes until it exactly how you want it. You can choose your finishes, accessories and accents down to the lighting, hooks and hangers and more…


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    We Care About Your Health & Safety



    Colorado Closets & Blinds follows strict health & safety protocols from start to finish. Choose from a free in-home consultation or a free virtual consultation. When our professionals visit your home to measure and install they wear new face masks, face shields and white gloves. Our employees temperatures are taken everyday to help ensure their current health. Any employee with an escalated temperature is sent home and quarantined for 14 days and requires a Covid-19 test with a negative or antibody positive result before coming back to work. If there is anything we can do to make you feel safer upon our arrival at your home please let us know so we can take every precaution in making you feel comfortable. Thank you for trusting Colorado Closets & Blinds.