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Should I Get Wood Blinds Or Faux Wood Blinds?

Window blinds are a great way to renovate your home at little cost. Blinds are relatively cheap and can add a nice color and style to any room. Both wood blinds and faux wood blinds are easy to maintain and clean, and both look beautiful. If you’re interested in more information about window blinds, contact our experts at Colorado Closets and Blinds.

Synthetic vs. real wood blinds

If your blinds are used more, real wood is the better option. Synthetic wood is not as durable as real wood. Real wood can withstand a lot of use, whereas synthetic wood is made out of plastic and is more fragile.

Cost of blinds:

Prices vary by location, but if you are on a tight budget, you can use plastic wooden window blinds instead of real wood ones. As you probably know, natural wood blinds are more expensive than plastic blinds, so if you find it difficult to fit your windows, you can also use a custom-made wood blind and get synthetic wood, which can be cheaper.

Blind cords:

If you choose real wood or plastic blinds, it’s time to choose between cordless, wireless, or other methods. This will allow you to decide how to use the blinds, and find a style that’s suitable for you. If you’re worried about a choking hazard with children and blind cords, go cordless and make your home more family-friendly.

Match your furniture and house colors:

If you want to match your real wood furniture, real wood blinds are the right choice for you. The decision whether you choose a real wooden blind or plastic roller shutters are up to you, which room you equip. You can find the same color in any manufacturer of individual blinds, if you wish, in a variety of colors that correspond to the specific color of the interior and exterior walls, the floor, and the furniture of your room.

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