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What Are Easy Organization Tips For A Small Closet?

How to Set Up your Small Closets - Colorado Closets and Blinds

Small closets can be frustrating, especially when you have a lot of clothes to fit in them. Organizing your clothes in a space saving way can help you to fit everything you need in your closet, and give you peace of mind knowing everything is neat and organized. If you’re really stuck on closet space, or want to redo your entire closet, you can get a custom closet made to fit whatever space you have.

If you’re curious about custom closets, contact our experts at Colorado Closets and Blinds for a consultation. Talk to an expert in custom closets to help you fully realize your vision of a small closet that works for you. 

You can discuss your ideas and solutions for organizing small closets with one of our design professionals by booking a free consultation at home.

Hanging organizers for shoes and clothes are essential:

Depending on the shape and size of the wardrobe (or lack thereof), you can develop a storage system or shoe rack for your shoes that will display them for easy access.

Hanging shelves for pants or shoes are helpful in keeping your floor clear for other bins for scarves or blankets.

Easy to do tips for space saving:

Keeping a laundry basket in the closet, placing a dresser under the bed and having hooks for coats and bags at the entrance to your room are all expert storage tips that will make it easy for you to keep the room in order.

Bags are great organizers because they can be hung on the wall of the cabinet to save space for drawers and shelves.

You can also use hangers that have multiple hangers on them so your clothes aren’t as squished and you have room for more clothes.

Keep only what you wear:

Sometimes enough is enough and you have to realize that your closet isn’t getting any bigger. Take the time to go through your clothes and keep only the clothes you actually wear. Donate the clothes you don’t wear.

You’ll feel more satisfied with the improved room and you choice to help narrow down your wardrobe.

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