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Why Adding a Custom Closet Increases a Home’s Value?

Having trouble finding your favorite jeans or boots because of overcrowded, disorganized closets?

Not only can cluttered closets be a pain to sort through when you are in a hurry. They can also scare off potential homebuyers who may believe there might not be enough space.

A custom closet may seem impossible to attain, but they are much more worth it than the price than you believe. Here are some reasons custom closets can work wonders for you and your home’s value.

1. People like seeing custom closets and storage space.

Do you remember looking inside closets and figuring out if a shoe rack would work well in the hall closet as you searched for your home? That is precisely what homebuyers will do in your home.

Imagine their awe as they open your bedroom closet to see all your clothes, shoes, and accessories beautifully arranged! The amount of closet space available in your home would impress them (and they save money to build out their own custom closets). You gain an advantage over other homes.

2. You can make your home easier to stage with custom closets.

If you plan to move, you know boxes will be all over the house, making it difficult to stage your home for a real estate open house. However, when you have a custom closet, you have a spot to store your things.

You can display any family pictures and knick-knacks in your custom closet. Not showing any clutter helps real estate hunters to envision themselves living in your home.

3. You show you care about your home’s look and efficiency.

Homebuyers want a well-maintained, updated house. A stunning and durable custom closet shows that you take care of your house. Nowadays, the closets are bigger, wider, and taller.

These are even more spacious and provide a range of storage spaces, such as shelves, built-in shoe shelves, roll-out drawers, filing cabinets, and even a pull-out ironing board.

By updating your closets, you show that you care about other parts of your house such as the plumbing, electrical equipment, roofing, and other aspects that require repairs.

Ready to transform your closets? We, Colorado Closets and Blinds offer a free, in-home consultation for Colorado homeowners. We can show you a 3D version of what your personalized closet would look like during the consultation. No surprises when you trust us to handle your needs for closet storage.

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